HMI 2017 Abfahrt

Whether films, CGI or VR, here custom work is in demand!
Since this is no foreign word for us, the loading of the transporter should not be a problem.
(Since custom work is a well-known process, the loading of the transport should be no problem.)
With great effort, the stand furniture and the stand technology were (custom-made) loaded and transported from Kronau to Hanover.After a nearly four hour drive, we set up our stand C83 in Hall 17 so that our visitors were able to feel comfortable in the following days and the fair could start.
With 6,500 co-exhibitors, we have not missed the opportunity to get an impression of the numerous stands of the internationally represented companies.
Since, in addition to film and CGI, the virtual reality belongs to our workplace, we were particularly interested in the impact and technical implementation of Augmented Reality.
In contrast to Virtual Reality, where one is completely immersed in a virtually created reality, Augmented Reality is understood to mean only the computer-assisted expansion of reality perception.
To test was among other, the Hololens of Microsoft and various systems of Daqri. Our 3D artist, Steve Bauer, tested the systems on several stands and came to the following conclusion:
“The systems have a good tracking system and objects lay quietly in their environment. However, the systems also have in common that the technology has to improve. The field of view is rather small and a very close approach to objects is also not possible, since the objects will be clipped away on closer consideration. Above all, there is still the problem that in front of bright backgrounds the AR objects are difficult to recognize because the contrast is not sufficient.”
In addition to numerous automated and technical industrial solutions, the Hanover Fair also offered an abundant contrast program as well as various celebrities.
3D artist Manuela Salvermoser also took a seat in a reconnaissance armored vehicle of the German Armed Forces and get the fully cross-linked technology explained to her.
Almost every day there were event in the evening, where we were invited.
On one event, occasion of the Hanover Fair, there was a traditional Japanese dance – the Awa Odori. On another evening the Pump Plaza invited to a party with live band, bar and buffet.

Our conclusion:
The Hanover Fair is worthwhile not only for mechanical engineers, but also for everyone. It gives a look into the future and offers a colorful supporting program.


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