About us

Every day we do our best to make our customers more successful.


SONNTAGSFILM® stands for high quality and successful films, VR, and CGI. Founded in 2006, we put into practice both small and big projects for companies of every size. In doing so, we work closely with our customers to make their ideas become reality.

Our team of 3D-artists, graphic designers, CGI specialists and film crew, is constantly growing, so that we moved into bigger offices in 2012. RELIABILITY and TRANSPARENCY are top priorities for us. To support our creative team and clients, our administrative employees ensure precise planning and implementation of your projects. SONNTAGSFILM – visualizing (your) business.


Our employees’ backgrounds include mechanical engineering, graphics/media design etc.; and they all share extensive experience in the area of visualization. Get to know our team – we speak your language.

Sven Sonntag

Stefanie Sonntag

Angela Vogel

Steve Bauer

Manuela Salvermoser

Etienne Hege

Pia Kräwinkel

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Christoph Daxl